EurObserv’ER has been gathering data on the European Union’s renewable energy sources for seventeen years for its theme based barometer reports on the state of the sectors and their momentum. The first part of this work is a summary of the barometers published in 2016 for the wind energy, solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, heat pump, biofuel and solid biomass sectors. The data drawn from these barometers has been updated and supplemented by data on the sectors for which no individual barometers were published – small hydropower, biogas, geothermal energy, concentrated solar power, household refuse incineration and renewable marine energy sources. Hence this publication offers a comprehensive energy dimension review of the twelve renewable sectors that are now developed in the European Union on an industrial scale. It also gives for the first time a view of the share of RES heating and cooling in the building stock.
The International Energy Agency Implementing Agreement for Co-operation in the Research, Development and Deployment of Wind Energy Systems (IEA Wind) is a vehicle for member countries to exchange information on the planning and execution of national, large-scale wind system projects and to undertake co-operative research and development projects called Tasks or Annexes. As a final result of research carried out in the IEA Wind Tasks, Recommended Practices, Best Practices, or Expert Group Reports may be issued. These documents have been developed and reviewed by experts in the specialized area they address. They have been reviewed and approved by participants in the research Task, and they have been reviewed and approved by the IEA Wind Executive Committee as guidelines useful in the development and deployment of wind energy systems. Use of these documents is completely voluntary. However, these documents are often adopted in part or in total by other standards-making bodies. A Recommended Practices document includes actions and procedures recommended by the experts involved in the research project. A Best Practices document includes suggested actions and procedures based on good industry practices collected during the research project. An Experts Group Report includes the latest background information on the topic as well as a survey of practices, where possible. Previously issued IEA Wind TCP Recommended Practices, Best Practices, and Expert Group Reports can be found at on the Task 11 webpages.